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Hydra Philosophy

We are a licensed manufacturing brand of handmade, organic, chemical free, natural, and luxurious skincare. Our products are certified as chemical free and are tested for the presence of bacteria and PH levels in the products. We are therefore safe and our products do not cause side effects.

Each product has been tested and approved by Standard Analytical Laboratory (ND) Pvt. Ltd which is a Govt. approved Testing Laboratory to provide accurate, authentic and reliable testing services to the industry. SAL (ND) being an approved commercial Testing Laboratory by FDA of Delhi State Govt. and Govt. of India under the Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1940, Hydra by ambika is proud to get their products certified under their label.

The Creator

Ambika Goel, founder and Partner of Hydra by Ambika, has more than 11 years of work experience in various industries like IT, education and consulting. Working in different fields, she always knew that her love for natural and organic lifestyle is her final calling. In an attempt to go chemical free, in 2016 Ambika started making 100% natural and organic skincare products for herself. The first product hesitantly launched by Ambika was a Body Butter, and to her surprise, it created an unexpected buzz among her initial lot of customers.

Now Ambika has grown her range to include more than 14 amazing products that have ingredients like cocoa butter, almond, jojoba, olive and coconut oil, shea butter and others. She believes that each one of us is born with beautiful skin, and it's the effort that we put into taking care of it that makes it radiant, healthy and glowing. The same is true for your hair. It is our daily routine to clean, moisturize and wash our skin and hair. She wants to make people conscious and replace mass produced chemical products with handmade and natural products that will not only take care of your skin in the most beautiful way but will also help our planet.

Within a year, Ambika has done tie-ups with pre and postnatal care clinics for Hydra. She has also been felicitated by MERI college as Entrepreneurship Achiever's Award.

This year Hydra took an initiative to support underprivileged women at Nai Disha by developing a leak-proof, eco-friendly, handmade pouches for gift packaging. The charming pouches are great to gift and also easy to carry Hydra products while travelling. We wish to continue our association with Nai Disha and develop many more products with their team.

Hydra provides you with a complete skin care regime and the products are safe to use both on the face and body. Daily application will help you reap the benefits of these natural organic ingredients and as Ambika says, "Your skin will come alive!"

Core Values


Handpicked natural and 100% organic ingredients only. It makes our each product oh-so-tempting and also guarantees to give positive results on regular use.


Handmade with love in India. All secret recipes are creators experience and learning and are also lab tested and approved. It makes our every product unique and special.


With every product handmade and in small batches, we make sure you get freshly churned product. We have taken special care to use 100% plastic free and eco-friendly packaging that resonates with our brand ethos.

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