Hydra By Ambika

Want a Beautiful Skin ?

Here are my secrets to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin in just few easy and simple ways.

  1. Always layer your skincare products from thinnest to thickest texture: Think of your skin as a sponge and you want it soak up all the good stuff. Therefore its important to layer properly. Use thinner, more watery products on your skin first as your skincare routine. Add a nice organic moisturizing cream which has goodness of light cold pressed oils as it will absorb well and then when you apply foundation or makeup which is thicker it will stay on the skin well and will give your face a nice sheen.

  2. Keep your eye and face cream in the fridge: Keeping such creams in the fridge is always a good idea as a cooled cream will always help to heal puffy eyes, and relax facial muscles. Applying a cooled cream around eyes and face helps to rejuvenate the skin better; especially overnight.

  3. Do not touch your face unless you really have to. Hands are the culprit: Hand sanitizer totally does not count. Anytime you're just cradling your chin in thought, putting your hand to your cheek or the like, you're actually leaving germs behind, and creating a potential zit minefield..

  4. Always moisturize and rejuvenate your facial skin with facial oils/serums that are natural, organic and chemical free.