Hydra By Ambika

What comes first for YOU, Makeup or Skincare?

The balance between skincare and makeup is interesting to think about. Do you spend more time, money and effort on your skincare products, or what’s in your makeup bag? Which do you think is more important? It varies from individual to individual, and, let me also tell you that it varies from country to country; as I found out after travelling to Korea. I want to share with you my own skincare journey, and how it’s helped my self-confidence, and thus my approach to makeup.


General trends that i have observed and have read about as well, that in many parts of the world, especially the western countries there is lot of focus on using make up amongst all age groups starting from teenagers. Teenagers would do everything to hide their acne and pimples; put loads of astringents toners, layers of foundation, eye pencils, kohl sticks etc to hide the spots and look two tones lighter. And subconsciously trying to boost their self confidence; whilst skincare comes secondary for them. And Skincare becomes truly important when wrinkles begin to appear.

However, when you travel to country like Korea, ( I am taking Korea as the focus country because there people swear by skincare first ) you will see that skincare is at absolute forefront in the cosmetic industry. “Skin first, makeup second” is a common saying; and this changed my perception too being in India where skincare is very homebred or more so comes straight from the Grandma's kitchen. Korean skincare products opened me to a whole new concept, where skincare comes in pretty looking packaging and such on the shelf skincare is also possible, and can be so much more effective. And, honestly? I’ve never looked back.

A simple routine like wearing a sunscreen, is a daily routine for Koreans. Sunscreen works in two ways- protecting the skin from UVA UVB radiations and preparing the skin texture for make up and moving out.

Skincare should accentuate the skin and make it look luminous; it should give skin the fresh feel and glow through the day. For example: I never used to use any cream on my face until i made the Hydra All Purpose Face Cream, (I do not use it because i made it, but because i see the benefits in the long run); this face cream made from Organic Cocoa, has natural and mild sun protection which is surely needed, because even the indoor lightening has radiation which can harm the skin. It also gave me an even skin tone, and the everyday moisturisation which the skin should be provided with, and ofcorse some firmness to the fine lines. Before starting my make up for any party, I apply the Face Cream and let it sit no the skin for a mere 5min and then start application of foundation etc. My skin feel really fresh, even tones, make spreads better and above all i feel it has a little glow.

A good makeup regime should begin with prepping the skin for smoothness, glow, cleansing and even tone; this will make the make up come out well on the skin. You can still continue to enjoy make up and experiment with various popular western brands, which ofcorse attract all women, but a good skincare routine and naturally beautiful skin will make you experiment more, and give a sense of confidence which is much more than what simply makeup application can give. i also suggest that we should work on treating pimples rather than hiding them with layers and layers of foundation and harsh astringents and toners, which in many cases make them worse. 
Skincare is a slow and continuous process. Just give it a thought and spend sometime to make skincare your daily ritual!! What you sow today will reap tomorrow!